Springtime is nearing

To help vivify  the end-of-winter blahs this dreary month, I'm daydreaming of the spring things I can't wait for...

bright colors + florals worn against bare skin, not black tights!

bright hopes & grand dreams

a boyfriend blazer that isn't grey or black + anything peach!

picnics and beach days + tons of fresh fruit

layering glamorously grunge plaid + fur (faux, natürlich!) for nighttime bonfires

(photos: 1style.com; 4 pinkapple; 3,5 tommy ton; 6 zinkwazi)

What are your favorite things about spring time?


  1. Those outfits are gorgeous! I love so many things about spring time: the longer, sunnier days, reading outside, seeing the flowers bloom, smiling at strangers (but I do that all the time)!

  2. Oooh, great spring"ish" photos! I love that peach boyfriend blazer!

  3. You got me excited about ditching black tights!!! Welcome, spring. I love bare legs and nude heels!! :]

  4. the sunshine.. the flowers and the pastels!!! yay! :D

  5. I'm excited about spring, too - sunshine, green grass, dresses!


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