I Love Colors & Charity

I've been wanting some nice new solid colored tights, and while doing an in-depth browse of
We Love Colors' tights, I noticed how inespensive they are but more importantly, that during
the month of February they are donating 5% of their sales to Haiti Relief efforts. Makes me 
feel slightly less bad about shopping online while sitting in my cozy bedroom eating fries...

I love looking at color names. The ones above that I'm pondering are Rupine, Lavender and Lilac. 
It reminds me of my giant box of Crayolas, before the crayons got all cheap and waxy. Being intro-
duced to Cerulean (both the color and the word itself) was a momentus occasion in my childhood.  
( P.S. I ended up ordering the Lilac solid color tights for $8, to test their quality. )

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