Fashion Therapy: Full Skirt, Full On

After a tedious little end-of-January slump, I'm back in skirts and more importantly, in better spirits.
Dandelions are always a treat to find in a field, or on some nice grey cotton. I was ambushed by this 
lovely fabric. It was love at first sight and I knew instantly I wanted to make a full little skirt out of it. 

( Psst check out the red jacket before. ) This outfit eerily coincided with a great day at work. I really
must just feel different when I'm wearinga skirt: lighter, bouncier, friendlier, happier, more outgoing.
necklace & cardigan: h&m  |  white shirt: new york & co. 
skirt: self-made  shoes: payless jacket: forever 21/diy

I paired the skirt with the black cardi and tights 'cuz I liked the contrast (and it's cold!) but I can't wait to
wear it in summer while romping through a field of... well, guess what? Dandelions! The gold belt was an
evening addition, when I went to a friends' house after work to eat snacks, watch the Grammy's and make
fun of celebrities (except Lady Gaga, we love her). Said friend had scored the belt for me because "I know
you love gold." And I do. It was a great addition to the outfit and a lovely surprise, as well as a fun evening.
These pics were taken when I got home around midnight, sleepy and full of spinach bread and dip.

I'm excited for February. It's going to be a nice transition month to settle into: several weeks before my
birthday, one month until the yoga is really supposed to kick in, two months before my biggest monthly
credit card bill is finally paid off, and a few months before springtime!

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