Fashion Therapy: Kilted

I've had this plaid skirt sitting in my etsy shop, but I think I'm taking it back haha. I love the color more
and more; as I try to crawl of out black-and-gray land, I find myself drawn to yellows, greens and red.
That, and Alexander McQueen is in the forefront of my mind these days since I happened to run across
a reference to his 2006 "The Widows of Culloden" Collection, and I kinda have a "thing" for Scotland...

cardigan: old navy via crossroads | skirt, belt, and scarf: self-made
leggings and ring: forever 21 | boots: unknown

alexander mcqueen plaid kilt

I was worried the red cardigan over the yellow skirt
would look too "McDonalds," but I think all of the
black helps break it up. I could totally go tromping
through the heather in this... not.

I'm wearing another cardigan and a t-shirt under the
red one, and I think that and the full skirt and weak
elastic belt make me look kind of bulky, like I'm try-
ing to shoplift clothes or something! I can't wait for
spring time and not having to layer up so uncomfortably
(I wore a heavy black coat and fingerless gloves over
this too!)

Inspiration photo via


  1. The yellow plaid is awesome!! Definitely keep it. :]

    I think I like the dainty thin belt! It'd be interesting to see the outfot with a really wide belt, too, like the inspiration picture there.

  2. These colours look great together, definitely keep the plaid, it's gorgeous on you :)
    Reminds me a little of Cher from Clueless :)

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I'm glad you take something from it that makes you happy - that makes my day!



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