Fashion Therapy: Leg of Lace

I get the strangest looks and double-takes when I wear these tights. I don't get why; do they
look like tattoos? I think they look like leggings from far away even though up close you can 
tell they're made of lace (and kinda warm!) No matter the puzzled stares, I love those things.

sweater: forever 21 |  shorts: crossroads | black shirt: new york & co., | tights: h&m 
boots: steve madden | scarf: crossroads

Anyway, I've been trying to get more into colors, maybe not so much black in every outfit. Though
that's hard, considering how much black clothing I have, and how much of my favorite clothes are 
in that section. Plus I'm planning on making an LBD. Maybe I should try a color I don't have. Now
I'm wishing I had more rose-colored clothing to go with my many blue shirts and cardigans.


  1. i love this look! people are just staring because you look so fabulous! :) this is definitely something i would totally wear.

  2. Yes, they're probably staring because it's just out of the ordinary and wonder why someone would try to pull that kind of look off. But I think you do very well. :)

    I also struggle with the idea of incorporating more color and not always wearing black, but I'm not going to fight myself over it anymore. That's what I feel comfortable in and it sure as hell makes coordinating easy.

  3. Linked from chictopia. Cute blog!


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