Fashion Therapy: Pants, Present, Future

Yesterday and today's outfits, combined to save time and try to add the interest I couldn't muster in front 
of my closet...Wednesday is the end of my workweek, and I'm usually so tired and down I cannot muster 
the will to wear a skirt.
coat: forever 21 | scarf: crossroads | black jeans: wet seal | boots: ross | hat: h&m

I spent forty-five minutes discarding outfits before I settled on my favorite Obey t-shirt (which you can't 
see) and knee-high boots to get me through. I felt a little ridiculous because I have never been the kind of 
person who tries on a million things and destroys their room  before deciding on what to wear. I hope this
pattern doesn't stick, at least not when the results aren't spectacular!

I can't wait until my outfit item list says "self-made" much more often than "forever 21" ;]

coat: forever 21/diy | jeans: element denim via crossroads | top: self-made | shoes & socks: target

It started raining between the first and second photo, so this was the best photo I could get. My first foray
into wearing visible socks! It's hard to tell in the photo because of the angle, but they are kind of scrunched
down on the ankle. I was inspired by watching Singles last night; Bridget Fonda at one point wears her socks
folded down over her black lace-up boots and it's kind of awesome. I couldn't quite muster the whole grunge
feel today so I chose bright yellow wedges instead. I got some funny looks at Whole Foods, and an old man
let me save my place in line when I tried to get tea because he liked my shoes, which rules.

In bizness "news," I sold a scarf today through etsy! I love love love receiving comments in my inbox, but re-
ceiving an etsy order confirmation email is always an exciting occurrence (and so far very rare, which makes
me even more grateful for the sale). I also feel more encouraged, especially since I have felt so blah with my
last few outfits and life in general. This blog really helps me to focus on creative energies by gathering and
sharing inspiration, and most of all, to keep on truckin'. I often catch myself indulging in "all-or-nothing"
thinking, which is the pretty much the surest way to destroy true happiness, success and contentment.

My outfits may not be the prettiest or the most original, and I may not be outgoing or ambitious, but the joy I
get from posting daily outfits and reading other "real" peoples' blogs has become a way for me to build up my
confidence and keep me inspired and working toward my goals. The daily(ish) routine of blogland has helped
me more fully understand that the process and the journey is what matters, that no matter how good or bad
this day (or outfit) is, there will be plenty of others. 

There are no endings, only new beginnings.


  1. i love the houdstooth top you made!

  2. I am happy that you wrote this post!!!

    -Kindest regards


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