DIY Flower Pin

After spying a super sale on pretty white, purple, yellow and orange dyed daisies at the craft store, I splurged and bought some shiny sequins and pastel pearls to make make some cheerful accessories for spring. Darn the "inspiring" placements of sale items!
flower pin pins diy floral accessories
To make the "pearly whites" flower pin I cut off the stem and hot glued a brooch pin to the back. I sewed every bead, pearl and sequin on individually using clear thread. Phew, you can bet that took several episodes of 30 Rock to complete! Next time I'm going to cheat with the glue gun.

Some more cheap, fun design ideas I'm pondering: 
♥ gold sequins on royal purple
♥ polka-dots
♥ buttons
♥ sea glass
♥ flower power headband

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