I have decided to get a pair of lace up boots on payday, and I've got some options on my mind, so I want to put them together and hopefully I'll be decided enough to order!

These are from forever21.com, and for less than $35 one of them will probably be mine by the weekend, muahahaha.

I really adore these from aldos.com, buuut not quite enough to part with $99. Too bad f21 hasn't made 'em ye!

The only thing I hate about these brands is that they don't have half sizes, grr!


  1. Yeah, Aldo kills me with their lack of half sizes. A size 9 is too big and a size 8 cramps my toes. SERIOUSLY?! Grrrr indeed.

  2. Ouuuuuu good deal @ less than $35. I hope you score some! We'll just have to wait and see what kind of creative things you do with them!


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