Yesterday's post from Erin of calivintage made me want to consciously try out the all black ensemble. That, and it started raining overnight and I wanted to be layered up for work.

boots: ross, coat: billabong , dress: forever 21, scarf: crossroads

I don't normally shy away from all black, but I don' treally try to dress that way either. Normally my favorite colors to wear are gray, black, with some white maybe, so not really "colors" per se...
My boss, who was kind enough to come outside to take these pics, told me I looked like I should be walking around "the Village" - ha ha I wish! Maybe I should enter this one into the chictopia Fashion Week contest?

Also, we got some new cheap shades, and I scored these heinous black & gold ones for $2, and another red pair. I love cheap sunnies! I love black and gold! And PONYTAILS?! Don't even get me started.

My friend flaked on the Sip N Stitch night, and I'm too tired to want to go it alone this time. Maybe next week (pictures)!


  1. i love all black outifits..i usually rock them (although right now, i have on a beige-pink dress, but with a black sweater, black tights, black accessories and black boots!)


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