Fashion Therapy: Stealing Street Style

Then again, it's not really stealing, I already own these clothes!

I came across this inspiration photo during a street style photo binge, and was so surprised because I own that sweater! Too funny because I haven't worn it much and had kind of forgotten about it. Thanks to this photo, I pulled it out and put together something a bit more my style :]

top: Black Hart via Crossroads, jeans: Wet Seal, shoes: Van's via Crossroads, 
watch, chain bracelet, tights: New York & Co.

Not having any adorable cut-out white lace up shoes, I turned instead to the random pile of Van's I have moldering in a bin. I love these red velvet ones I scored for $12. And I wore the same polka-dot tights under my jeans that I wore yesterday over red tights, which is both (a) ewwwww! and b) red and black overload?
I like how the woven detail on the sweater is offset by the sweatshirt-grey color and boy-influenced shoes. The neckline on mine is nowhere near as wide as it is on the blond pixie above; I'd love to try to stretch it out for summer outfits.

Oddly, Van's are more uncomfortable than cheap-o falts to wear to work, or really to do any walking in. I remember the days when I used to own fourteen different pairs of Van's shoes. Nowadays I think I have maybe five left, and I rarely wear them anymore. Getting my first pair of "cute" flats after the sneaker phase was a real shocker. Growing up, I remember some people ONLY wore Van's, some alternated between basic Van's and Converse, and some people ONLY wore Chuck's.

What kind of basic shoe girl are you?


  1. Ooo her hair color is terrific. Thanks for the follow;)


  2. I like this outfit A LOT... it's really cute, wear it more often!! I really liked the Vans. :-)

  3. All my casual shoes are Vans...not because I have some sort of allegience to the brand but they come in so many colors and patterns and slip right on it just seems logical. They are never uncomfortable for me, though, and I have never heard anybody else complain they are. Hmmm...


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