Fashion Therapy: The Most Comfortable Corset Ever

grey cardigan: dress from target, grey & red sweater: forever 21, black skirt: self-made, shoes: payless

I wore this to go browse through some thrift stores today. The sun had been shining bright, but it turned out to be chillier than I thought and the two pairs of tights were just not enough.
The top has a red printed corset on the front, with a black bow. I got it around Christmastime and have only worn  it once; for some reason I can only usually picture it worn with shorts in the summer. Strange.

I found an amazing little evening bag which I will post a picture of the next opportunity I have with the camera and natural light. I wasn't looking for any more little vintage bags, but I guess it's silly to go thrifting with a "list." Oh high-waisted pencil pants, where are you hiding?

I just finished a lovely novel called Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg, and watched a random movie I found on netflix called Love and Other Disasters with Brittany Murphy, where she basically runs around London talking like Sienna-Miller-as-Edie-Sedgwick and emulating Audrey Hepburn's style.

I had a sad moment when she let out a real, Tai-from-Clueless dorky laugh... RIP BM.
I was surprised that I didn't feel intense bitterness in response to another Hollywood rom-com, I actually felt cheered, AND it inspired me to trim my bangs a bit, which turned out well. Thanks Netflix!


  1. Looking forward to seeing more of your outfits! I should come to Santa Cruz again someday. Haven't been there in years. Call on us for a fashion blog photoshoot should you ever come to San Francisco. xoxo

    - JT Paradox

  2. What a cute outfit! It is perfect in red. And I can't get over how amazing those tights look. it's like a black red. It's a fascinating colour!!!


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