All Tied Up

A dress in next month's Harper's Bazaar led me to these muted, flowy, feminine beauties (I think it was
the first outfit on a different model). I'd love to pair these with black tights and boots for winter.
The best part is the clear plastic tie belts!
They're like twist-ties, a cool way to finish off a girly outfit, and fresher than studded skinny belts
(not that I'm not still looking for the perfect one...) 

Donna Karan Ready-to-Wear Spring 2010

I bought some clear elastic as a trial run DIY version. Before going out dancing the other night, I wrapped a long piece of it three times around a loose shirt (forgot to take a picture, damn!), which looked almost Grecian-style and was amazingly comfy. Someone asked me if it was scotch tape, which was an added bonus because I also love Martin Margiela's duct tape clothing:

I'm going to have to keep looking around for more garbage-chic belt materials!


  1. That first dress is so pretty, I love the color

  2. Liking the D.I.Y, if it was mee I would botch up the job. =]


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