dress & sweater: forever 21 ♥ dollhouse loafers ♥ f21 & handmade bracelets

You can't call a maxi dress "little" but this one has quickly become a staple, like a little black dress but more comfortable, casual and everyday. And since I'm lazy, I found out how well it works as sleepwear. I might just have to try to bring back bed-gowns, my boyfriend seemed to like it. But before I slept in it, I threw a short-sleeve sweater on over it for a slow, sunny workday.

I'm both excited and bewildered that it's already May; excited for summer weather and making ice cream, but confused by how quickly this year has passed. Wasn't it just Christmas? Nope, apparently it was just Cinco de Mayo. I didn't "celebrate" but we ended up eating lunch at Chili's, which was offering a Coronitas margarita, which was pretty fun. I've never found a restaurant or bar that offers this delicious and airy combination of Mexican beer and margies.

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