All Striped Up

I am in luuuurve with my recent vintage coat find at Crossroads. As the giant label proclaims awkwardly from the inside of one lapel, it's made of authentic Scottish wool, and wouldn't ya know, I feel a little bit warmer every time I think about how I'm not on the icy moors (I'd love to go in late Spring, though!). I was so happy to find that the sleeves weren't overlong; it must have been made for vintage shorties in mind. It looks like muted magenta or deep raspberry from afar, but up close the variegated weave is just so cool. On such a chilly day I wanted to be nicely layered in case it rained, so I wore another sweater and secondhand H+M sweater-dress (from the Crossroads in Oakland), blue tights, Kimchi Blue purse, and Wet Seal boots.

Last weekend while doing some Christmas shopping at the mall, I was a wanker and went into Wet Seal even though no one on my list needs anything from such an establishment. I am apparently a very fortunate wanker because I found two pairs of boots in my size that satisfy two items on my everlasting "closet wishlist." Deciding I couldn't justify or afford to buy both, I took one pair to the register. I don't know if you're familiar with such craziness as "Buy One Get One for a Penny" sales, but they do exist, and the other boots I liked were part of the clearance, so all in all I got two pairs of shoes perfect for the coming season, for only $25. I suffered a little remorse because I should be saving all my cash, but don't worry. I didn't suffer too much ;) 

P.S. The winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway is... Julie L.! Email me at to claim your prize and talk sizing and address!

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