Fall Flor-All

My friend just spent time in the Massachusetts/East Coast area and described the most stunning Fall vistas. Temps have been hovering in the seventies, and I'm really enjoying the deepening blue of the sky with the balmy weather. Not that there's much of a storybook "fall" in California. As you can see, some tree leaves are turning brown and falling but... a lot of them are not, and won't. 
I went to Tacos Morenos after work last week in appreciation of the gorgeous weather (I haven't eaten in that particular taqueria in years), then devoured them while watching the sky change colors. I really want to wear this dress every day, but I have to wash it because there's bean juice all over it now... It's from Target, it has pockets, it's black and floral with drapey lace wing sleeves. I tied the sash in the back to give my tummy some eatin' room, slipped on some trusty ole peep-toe flats from Mervyn's, and clasped a reindeer head around my neck. Good to go, Fall!

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