10 Minute Bracelet

In case you haven't noticed, I'm pretty obsessed with arm parties right now. I bet a lot of you are pretty adept at all the bracelet tutorials out there, but in case you're not, or you need a refresher, I did a quick little DIY bracelet how-to based on those of the fabulous Honestly WTF. I hope you enjoy!

What you'll need:
♥ embroidery floss* 
1 1/2 feet cording**
ball chain***
10 minutes

* Embroidery floss/thread is usually less than fifty cents a skein, and you don't need the whole thing, either. Thin string or yarns would work, too. Hell, dental floss comes in a few colors and would make your wrist would smell nice; plus, you'd score some punk rock points!
** I used some cheap pleather braided lacing, but feel free to experiment with suede strips, hemp cord, or colored laces. This will be the foundation of the bracelet, so make sure it's not thinner than your ball chain. It will need to be long enough to go around your wrist twice, plus several extra inches for the knot and loop hole.
*** I literally found that brass ball chain on the ground and removed the clasp, so I'm not entirely sure where you can buy them. Perhaps the hardware store? Sorry, I realize that is not very helpful... You could also use rhinestone trim or chunky chain from the craft store.
Not sure which colors to use? Check out my color wheel post for inspiration!

Fold the cording in half, making a loop closure. Tie a tight double knot with the embroidery thread around the base of the loop to secure, than start wrapping the thread over the knot and down the cord. I like to wrap the thread for about 1/4" before I add the ball chain, then secure that first section a few times before moving on...

as the bracelet progresses, I like to help shape it into a circle by holding the cording and ball chain together with one hand, while using the other to wrap the thread. Make sure not to let the cord or chain twist around each other as you go.

When you reach the desired length, wrap the thread several times around the last ball chain segment and cording, then tie off. Make a knot with the ends of the cording, trim the excess, slide the knot through the loop, and voila!

Know of any more cool bracelet ideas? Let's share!!

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  1. I love this! Im gonna try with blue thread and gold chain :)


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