I saw the latest Planet of the Apes movie wth my boy; have you seen it? I'm not a fan of the classic film, but I got suckered in by the big ape eyes. Poor Cesaer... when he drew a chalk outline of his attic window on the cell wall, I nearly lost it. And the first time he spoke, I went "Oooooh!" along with the whole theater.

I'm wearing a striped top from Forever 21, a second-hand no-name skirt & reindeer necklace from Crossroads, random sandals from Ross. I've neglected this pink skirt for too many months, I forget how absolutely fun and floaty it is to wear. Here are some other times I wore it:

...and don't forget to enter the Vintage Road-trip Giveaway, you have 'til the 18th!

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