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On Saturday my boyfriend and his Descendants cover band Descendage played at a bar in Oakland with an all-girl Turbonegro cover band called Turbonegra, and a popular local Misfits cover band called Plan 9. Beforehand, I got delicious Sicilian pizza around the corner and had an embarrassing not-a-big-drinker moment when I learned that ginger beer is really just ginger ale, not ginger ale-flavored beer.
I wore a thrifted and heavily altered shirt, Wet Seal jeans, Target socks and wedges, self-made bracelets, and sunglasses like these. Once it got dark and chilly, I pulled on a black jacket over a neon yellow hoodie.

This outfit could have used some cool color, like a bright pink lipstick (forget the cliche pinup red, ladies!) and maybe a hat. I definitely didn't know there were still bars that don't stock energy drinks, but I was learned. I almost rarely drink, but we were there for a while so I tried to get my favorite concoction: a shot of Jameson + Apple Pucker and a half-pint of Rockstar. Sounds heinous, is surprisingly drinkable and invigorating. Well, they only had the whiskey part so I gave up on that and just went to sing along to such classics as "I Like Food" and "Silly Girl."

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