Count Your Blessings Before Your Shoes

I had a lovely weekend with my boy and my other love, Oreo. Saturday was wonderfully sunny. We went for a little walk until Oreo got overheated and we headed back to the cool indoors. Then Eric and I headed to lunch and Target, woohoo! I found a new shelf thing for my closet (it's a mess) and a cute purple dress on sale. Plus, I got to wear this sweet polka dot dress I found secondhand at Crossroads, my floppy hat from Rite Aid, and granny sandals from Ross. The dress is a little too "playful" for me, so I wore shorts underneath, but I love the polka dots, bell sleeves, bow neckline, and of course the pockets!

We had an amazing dinner at Hula's (passion flower soda and pulled pork!), and watched The Misfits for the first time. I wasn't impressed by the first 7/8 of the film (sexist drunken debauchery much?) but Marilyn looked so pretty and young... Seeing photos or movies of her always makes me melancholy, even when she's adorably running around the outback in tight jeans and a white shirt.

This weekend reminded me how lucky I really I am (I'm a negative Nancy). It is not a given to have a safe place to live and work, enough food to eat, a loving amazing boyfriend, friends and family, and the freedom to indulge a love of clothes and blogging. I hope you all have a lovely week and hope you will remember to take a moment with me to concentrate on something you are thankful for and really feel the joy it brings you.

What are you thankful for?

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