Knot At All

Pardon my blah face. I slept so much over the weekend, I'm having a hard time shaking this grogginess! It was actually tolerable to wear just a little cardigan, even though thunderstorms were in the forecast. Before the deluge, I got some shots in during the dreary afternoon. I'd almost forgotten this nautical print skirt I made last winter, but as I was doing that annoying morning panicky dance in front of the closet not seeing anything that "felt right," I started digging and found it again. What a comfy skirt perfect to add some color to. (Typin' of colors, per a request, I'm working on a Color Combining 101 post and it's reignited my passion for the color wheel! Look for it later this week.)

The spiced chai (with honey and soy milk) from The Bagelry is my favorite in town, if I can't get to my trusty Trader Joe's powdered mix. When I went to pick up my hot beverage this morning, I also spotted some cream soda for later, and then got hooked up with a free smoothie! And for lunch I was craving this amazing tortilla soup from Cafe Campesino... lot's of liquid love today. Had to loosen my belt a notch or two ;)

tank top \\ Forever 21
full skirt \\ self made
bag \\ Kimchi Blue
wedges \\ Target
belt \\ thrifted
tail \\ H+M

I had a fabulous weekend full of food, thrifting, boy time, movies, shopping and zzz's. But as a blackberry user, I've been growing more and more jealous of all the fun stuff pretty much every other smartphone offers. Hipstamatic, cool photo filters, Words With Friends, I want to play, too!! So I collected some snaps from the weekend and faked it ;) I can't wait for August and phone upgrade time!

I hope you've had a wonderful start to June <3

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