Teal With Envy

I'm sure you've probably already read somewhere that neutrals and brights go really well together, but in case you haven't...now you have. Everyone knows about black and pink, gray and purple, white and lime green. Now I give you teal and cream... and a little burnt umber. These striped snake-n-suede wedges are one of my favorite Crossroads Trading Co. finds—Michael by Michael Kors for twenty-five dollars. Actually, as I'm typing, I realized every thing I'm wearing except my earrings, underwear and one ring are from Crossroads! I should just get their logo tattooed on my chest; oh wait, I forgot, I'd reserved that spot for Calvin and Hobbes... Anyway, the jeans were another lucky find from this month, which I've worn once here. Hey whoops, I wore them with orange-y heels from Crossroads that time, too ;p

I seriously have a problem, and my problem is that Crossroads is across the street from my work. That's right, I have an hour's lunch break like fifteen yards from my favorite store every day. Besides the fact that I used to work there as well, the staff knows me from my frequent laps around the store.

As I sit here sipping tea (it needs rewarming) next to my pup (she needs a good brushing) wearing thick socks and wet canvas shoes (they need stretching), I'm pondering yesterday's EIU article, How To Be A Successful Fashion Blogger. Have you read it yet? What did you think? Did you learn anything new? Do you feel like we can all become "successful" bloggers if we just be ourselves?

top \\\ Crossroads
earrings \\\ thrifted
turquoise ring \\\ thrifted
Kill City jeans \\\ Crossroads
Michael Kors wedges \\\ Crossroads

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