Clowning Around

I felt a bit like a circus clown today. After years of a safer palette, with the exception of the stray plaid or stripe or animal print, I'm embracing and loving colors and prints more and more. I felt the leopard scarf on my bag went well with the orange-y leopard shoes (which will be for sale in the shop when I get it up!) and to top it all off, my new favorite pet, panther ring. Even though the "gold" has already rubbed off the band somewhat, take THAT Cartier! Not that I wouldn't accept your panther ring if you offered, but I'd be scared to wear something so expensive. This knock-off version is perfect for me.

To add to the self-perceived menagerie, I wore green jeans, a gingham blouse, blue necklace and a pale pink sweater. I waited almost two hours to trade at Crossroads last week so I could get those jeans (plus a purple pair) and the ring without spending more money. Shopping without subtracting money from your account is so wonderful! They just opened a store in Brooklyn (I'd die to visit!) so hopefully they'll be expanding to you area soon!!

bag \\\ Kimchi Blue
rings \\\ Crossroads
pink cardigan \\\ Forever 21 
vintage heels \\\ Crossroads 
Kill City jeans \\\ Crossroads
blue wooden necklace \\\ Cost Plus

Did you have a good weekend? Happy Mother's Day?
I ate my weight in huevos rancheros and lemon sorbet :)


  1. I have several different rings like that and love them! Wonderful pictures in this post! Lovely!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Spring Necklace giveaway

  2. I'm loving this post along with your outfit!

  3. Great look! Love how you put the colors next to it. Very cute. P.S. Do you live in San Francisco? I swear my waitress last night looked EXACTLY like you haha!


  4. I'm glad they opened up shop in Brooklyn. Now I can go there, too!

  5. I love the outfit. The shoes look awesome with this.
    My Heart Blogged

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    Love your outfit! I actually have that same leopard ring!


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