War of the Roses

La-la-la-la-loooove this eighties sweater I found a few days ago at local vintage palace Moon Zoom. This gem is comfy, houndstoothy, plaidalicious, and rosy! I really scored; perfect colors to go with an all-black ensemble. I almost got a beautiful heavy sixties floral coat that I've been eying for over a year (still there, still not marked down??) but I still can't justify it. Maybe next winter...

I love how my Keep Up the Flame lipstick matches the roses so well. I'm starting to get into lipstick. What, at twenty-six? That's not weird, right? My favorite Maybelline super-stay lip color has been replaced by a new formula that is super long-wearing, but also super drying, which is a bit disappointing. Yes, it comes with a gloss, but ummm, constantly reapplying lip balm in no way helps it's staying power. What are your favorite lipstick brands, gals?

jacket \\\ pretty mama
sweater \\\ vintage
jeans \\\ wet seal
oxfords \\\ wet seal


  1. Looks AMAZING...love the pairing of this, you are the queen bee my dear :)

    xoxo Maria

  2. thats such an adorable sweater!!


  3. The sweater is really cute. I also like how you styled hair. I like your side swept bangs.
    My Heart Blogged

  4. love this outfits, simple and chic. That rose top is so cute!

  5. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a necklace from pie n the sky if you'd like to check it out. :) x

  6. such a fun sweater :) and your smile is just adorable!


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