How did I get here?

What a pretty day we had! In the light of, or even in spite of, the high sixties sunshine, I slept in past noon, got some grub with my boy, picked up my computer from the shop, and watched last week's 30 Rock. Did you watch it? I have to say, I can see where both parties are coming from. I don't like dumb party girls anymore than Liz Lemon, but as long as no one confuses me for one, wooooo's in my face or grabs my something else, I'm okay.

This shirt is totally stolen. Not from a store, stealing is ridiculous. No I only steal from friends. Dorey, do you want this shirt back yet? Hahaha, sorry! It was a perfect choice for the beautiful weather today. I felt so amazing not wearing layers upon layers! One pair of bottoms, one top, slip on shoes, aaah comfort. I wish I could take a accurate audio recording of this purse... When I walk around it sounds like little reindeer playing in the snow. Those aren't just polka-dots my friends, those are little bells!

f21 shirt \\\ borrowed
belt \\\ thrifted
jeans \\\ just usa
gold flats \\\ via crossroads
bag \\\ handmade, via crossroads


  1. I like your stolen shirt. I love 30 Rock. I'm a little sad Matt Damon (Carol) is gone, it was funny while it lasted.
    My Heart Blogged

  2. Beautiful shirt!
    I love the plaid coloring :D

  3. Cute top.


  4. Amazing!
    I also read your Money Matter blog and is so nice what you are doing! I shoul do it too! :)

  5. I love to borrow clothes from friends. It's like shopping for free!

  6. Cute outfit! & I love 30 Rock. :)

  7. the cropped jeans and happy colored plaid is just such a perfect combination :)

  8. Pretty plaid tunic! The colors are perfect for spring!


  9. super cute! i love the colors! you look lovely! makes me want spring to come soon!



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