Plaid Braid

I've been waiting and waiting to have bare legs with these strappy wedges and a full skirt. It started raining in the evening but I was still comfortable. The skirt is a nice thick wool and the detailing on the sweater makes it pretty heavy. My boss commented on the plaid "school girl" skirt, to which I replied "I'm also reppin' basketweave and leather (faux), so take that" to which he began chanting "Yes! Yes! Yes" and doing a metal fist pump. No reason for that anecdote, it was just funny at the time...

Stopped at Crossroads on my lunch break (of course) and found a cool new striped shirt and some spring jewelry. This afternoon I'm off to San Francisco on the train, too bad it doesn't have wireless! New pics up soon. Happy hump day!

dark harts sweater \\\ via crossroads trading co.
vintage skirt \\\ via crossroads
wedges \\\ target


  1. Such a darling outfit and photos! Love it!

  2. Gorgeous! This looks so so good. BTW hope all is well over in your part of CA, I heard some Santa Cruz harbors got a nasty portion of the tsunami and I was thinking of ya <3

    xoxo Maria

  3. this photo is fabulous! beautiful skirt! :) xo

  4. I love the braided top. It looks great with your skirt. The photos are really cool too.
    My Heart Blogged

  5. Lovely find! You can't go wrong with plaid. I was just in Crossroads today myself but all I walked away with was a top. No cute skirts like yours to be found. Maybe next time. P.S. I love your jumping picture!

  6. whoa - such a neat sweater! i've never seen anything like that before, definitely a cool concept.

  7. Your sweater is so cute! :) And great photos!

  8. Your style is one-of-a-kind. Love these shots.



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