Good Tidings

In the immortal word of Homer Simpson, boooor-riiiingggg! Why did I post such a mediocre outfit, you may wonder? I was in a hurry this morning and feeling less than stellar, but at least I pulled out this cropped black top thingy that I haven't worn yet, in perhaps a year. Once I get the mix right, I think it'll go really well with shorts this summer!

The last photo looks deceptively island-like. Sadly, whatever warmth the sun is giving us is being whipped away by a piercing wind. I don't know about you, but I think I should step outside in the mornings before I get dressed, instead of just looking at the sky through a window...

striped top \\\ target
black top \\\ wet seal
jeans \\\ wet seal
driving shoes \\\ michael michael kors, via crossroads
basket bag \\\ estate sale


  1. I actually tweeted the other day how you will never ever get me in a crop top. Now I like yours. Never say never I guess lol.
    My Heart Blogged

  2. Love the cropped top and your outfit is definetely not mediocre!!!!

  3. This isn't boring at all!! I love inspiration for casual outfits! And your bag is so lovely! xo

  4. i've yet to see you in anything mediocre! the second photo down i especially like- very retro/artsy/chic. i'm pretty sure also that if i don't find an awesome basketbag like that i might die! ah, i love it!

  5. Not mediocre at all my dear! I love the star bag. I always buy one if I see it at a thrift store. xoxo


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