Flower Powers

Aaah florals. I found this super sweet extra-long watercolor floral sweater at H&M last week when I drove over the hill (as we call it) to San Jose for some birthday shopping and Cheesecake Factorying. I wish they had more prints in this same sweater, I'm obsessed and can't wait to wear it as a dress come summer. I wore this on a drizzly day at work, which was alleviated by a nice lunch with the boy.

I've been super bored with my hair and trying to resist chopping off one side into an asymmetrical cut. I added some purple and green, which you can kinda see in the picture. I also just ordered a Paul Mitchell flatiron which should arrive soon, hopefully that will help tidy my locks. What do you do when you get into a hair rut but are trying to grow it out??

sweater \\\ h&m
scarf \\\ thrifted
jeans \\\ just usa
boots \\\ journey's
bag \\\ crossroads


  1. I never get past a certain point with my hair. Once it's too long it drives me nuts, and I need to cut it. I really like your watercolor sweater.
    My Heart Blogged

  2. I love florals! So pretty. I'm in the same boat.. trying to grow it out but getting so bored with it! I was thinking of changing the color.. or you could always add bangs! Except that doesn't really fit with the growing it out thing. Hm.

  3. I'm loving the floral, makes me yearn for spring!

  4. love this sweater. it's so beautiful.

  5. LOVE the florals. I pretty much like anything floral, but this sweater is quite special. Need to go to H&M... xoxo

  6. Wow I really love floral prints! Gorgeou colors...I am obsessed with them, oh. You look great here ;)

  7. "over the hill" LOL
    I wasn't allowed to drive by myself over 17 until I was outta high school. my parents were so paranoid. now, its like a piece of cake compared to driving in some places around Malibu.
    Have you started the campaign to bring an H&M to the Pacific G. Mall yet? SJ/SF is a bit of a drive to satisfy shopping needs :)
    great sweater!


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