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Hey hey sunshine! How have you been? I've been cold, but I'm happy to see you again! The past weekend was super rainy, which called for lots of lounging, heaters, tea and tv. The boy and I did venture out for breakfast and a little shopping, which resulted in my sprinting to the car through the rain, clutching his new banjo wrapped in my coat. Instruments are so sensitive!

Heels and train tracks are quite the task! I found this great fabric on the remnant table and had to snap it up for a skirt. It has a wonderful mish-mash of nautical things: battleships, sailboats, ships knots, hulls, stars, and more symbols I don't recognize. It being jersey was icing on the cake—so comfy! I made a different waistband for this one, and the tutorial will be ready by this weekend :)

The picture doesn't do the color justice, but my lip color is more orange-y, Poppy by Prestige. I pretty much had it smeared by the end of the morning. I'm still disappointed I can't find older Maybelline ColorStay anywhere, that stuff stays on like magic, but I only got one color... What's your favorite long wear lip color?

jacket \\\ pretty mama $20
top \\\ concert t $20
skirt \\\ self made $4
tights \\\ forever 21 $4
shoes \\\ rachel comey via crossroads $18


  1. I love the shoes. I don't really use long wear lip color. My favorite lip color is slick tints from avon. It's a pink tinted chapstick.
    My Heart Blogged

  2. Cute skirt, cuter shoes!!

  3. Such a cute doggy you have! And the skirt is just so pretty. The shoes are just perfect with it all. Great job. :D

  4. I am lipstick lazy, I love a good lasting gloss, surprisingly Mary Kay
    is good!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Super cute necklace giveaway!

  5. Your blog is so sweet.
    Love that skirt.

  6. you look really cute:) I love your smile.

  7. New banjo? My boy decided he was going to learn to play the mandolin last weekend. I have been listening to it for going on 4 days now, and my head may explode. Hope your boy has a shorter attention span than mine. :)

  8. You look so lovely in this skirt! I like the pictures and the sunny shades!

  9. can't wait for the tutorial for the skirt! too cute.

  10. I love the pattern and length of the skirt paired with those shoes. It almost gives a country feel.. very refreshing!!

    Excuse a crazy influx of comments.. I'm catching up with my blog reading!


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