Purplish Heart

Telling myself that a blue sky is a good opportunity to wear my new sheer tights. Well I've been wrong before, and I'm sure to be again. Brr! 46° just ain't my style. I drank hot water all day! Ok, I know I shouldn't complain... I like the tights. They were on sale and have an interesting plummy/purple color instead of the usual black—plus hearts! I found them yesterday on a last lunch-and-clothing-browsing with my best friend on my lunch hour before she went back to southern California to school. Wah.

I really need to get back to sewing. I still have a wonderful gift certificate to Beverly's Fabrics, but I just always feel too sleepy after work to go and dig through stacks of remnants looking for some gems, browsing the towering yarn aisles, and fawning ridiculously over  little cupcake-shaped jars or pretty much anything penguin-y, which I tend to collect—aka "pounce-n-pay" in a feverish and strange, giggly rush. I know, I have problems.

♥ scarf - via crossroads trading co.
♥ kimono cardigan - f21
♥ long grey cardigan - target
♥ skirt - diy (altered from a dress)
♥ tights - gap, sale
♥ boots - via crossroads

Now that it's January, it's time for me to think of money. I'm settling down/cramming myself into savings mode. For me, that means trying to follow some guides: ♥ try not to spend any money, except on due bills, for the first few days after a paycheck (this should help me avoid my overspending habits on the first day) ♥ transfer the profit of any etsy sale to my savings account ♥ reign in my spending habits (uggghhh gap tights, and undies...)


  1. Wicked tights... I'm looking for a pair with hearts and one with stars at the mo.
    And love the yellow shade of that scarf!

    PS// Topshop Nailpolish Giveaway over at mine :)

  2. I love this outfit. I'm such a baby when it comes to cold weather too. I have to wear doubled up tights even when it's only like 50!

    Oooh, good luck with sewing. I randomly picked up some fabric yesterday and managed to whip it into a skirt in no time. I was so proud of myself, hehe!

  3. YAY! I have these tights:) They look SO cute on you and I love how you styled them with those boots and the yellow scarf!

  4. Lovely as usual! I especially love the patterned tights.

    I wish you a steady flow of savings in the year 2011 :] :] I need to exercise more self-discipline as well.

  5. Hey Meghan, love the tights and just a suggestion for when its cold, get a super bright pair of red or pink and layer up! I do it all the time because its far to cold here for just one pair of tights!


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