this just in!!

Kind of a lot of things just in. Christmas gift card package and the new memory card for my dslr arrived in the past day & a half! You don't even know how twitterpated I am about having a better quality camera at my disposal, though I'm having a hard time adjusting after almost a year of separation Could anyone recommend a particularly quick re-entry into photography website? I just want to blur the background & not look super stumpy!

So I jumped for joy because of my new shoes, which I'm in love with. They're super comfy and roomy enough for these awesome washable insoles I found. The jeans are comfy and not too light, and I bet they'll fit better after a washing. I couldn't resist the 80's/gramma sweater with gold thread (so seasonal) or my usual blazer and bag. But I'm debating on another new item for tomorrow, a lace-backed beige cardigan. It's always freezing at night though so I might just opt to layer up and wear big earrings and cute shoes since no one will see the outfit anyway.

♥ blazer - macy's
♥ sweater - via crossroads
♥ jeans -
♥ shoes -
♥ bag - still can't remember! ugh

I forgot to mention! Anecdote time. Last week a girl came through my work wearing Lita's. I complimented her on them and she got amped up too, like she knew what I was thinking: I would never have expected to see anyone in my town wearing them (maybe she was visiting?) and that I'd never seen them in real life, just on blogs on my computer screen. Kind of made my day in an odd way. Oh, shoes...


  1. Love the shoes! And I adore the sweater you're wearing. Great outfit :]


  2. such a cute pic and I adore your shoes! Have a wonderful new year yourself!


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