This is such a model shot:

What started out dreary ended up being a pleasantly sunny day. Winter is fast approaching, and I tend to bundle up extremely to keep from feeling the chill. I'd almost forgotten how different it is to get dressed expecting to walk in rain; it also feels strange to have straightened hair now. Nearly ten years of flat-ironing and five years of coloring (mostly black) has left me with a new appreciation of my natural color and texture again. I have the urge to dye it dark brown again, or red, but I know I'll regret it. Now I just need to find some more hats to help the growing-out phase through winter...

polka-dot top - self made; jeans - wet seal; necklace - cost plus; hat - h&m

I had a pretty productive/relaxing/cathartic weekend. It's back to work, but I've had some assistance with my rose-colored glasses, and that's making this week start off well. Reading Kate Maggie's inspiring post the other morning helped me make a conscious effort to be more grateful. It's damned difficult for a negative nancy like me to invent bubbly, positive thoughts when my surroundings are less than ideal. But I figure hey, every time I think something positive like "I'm glad I have a job" or "This cake is so good," I'm NOT thinking something unneeded like "I wish I lived closer to my workplace," or "I hate traffic."  Habits are hard to change, but replacing even one lousy thought with a good one can add up! More good things:

  • cleared out all the rubbish in my room
  • put yarn into one place
  • put away clothes
  • finished reading two books
  • cleaned bathroom
  • worked on scarves
  • played with my pup ♥♥
  • practiced making crochet hearts
    & hi new readers!!


      1. Crocheting is such an underrated skill!

      2. i just love your dogs names!!!so lovely!!!

        i wish i could do those crochet hearts!!!

        hi form spain!!!


      Thank you for visiting my blog! I appreciate every comment and will try to reply to any questions.

      I hope you're having a wonderful day or night :)