Into The Shadows

Brown, grey, black, with a splash of sky blue. Doesn't sound like a tasty mixture, but I thoroughly enjoyed the "no-no" pairing today. I figured out how to circumvent the striped lining in the cuffs, and now it's my favorite blazer again! Eight hours in heeled boots was a little tough, but I'm determined to wear what I want, no matter the obstacles in the way, darn it!

knit blazer - macy's; skirt - new deal; tights - hue; shoes - aldo

I've lately stumbled across some inspiring fashion illustration blogs. Largely because of Little Tin Soldier and Kelli Murray, I tried my first fashion sketch with pencil and a basic computer paint program. Erm, the first draft was not so great, but really fun! I'll have to investigate paint pens and other tools... and practice a lot.


  1. Those wedge heels are so cool! I'm amazed you found them at Aldo. I love your blazer and skirt!

  2. i've gotten over my years of being told that brown & black shouldn't be paired together, but i still have difficulty making brown & gray work. you however, pulled it off quite well.

  3. That's a sketch you did? I am FLOORED by how sweet it is. I adore and you should definitely keep at it since you're so obviously gifted with art (and sewing... and DIYing... and a ton of other things...)


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