Late Fall Romp

Who knew a romper could work so well on a dreary, drizzly day? My floral playsuit just didn't 
get enough wear this summer, so I pulled it out for a lazy day of running errands and working 
on projects. I paired the light fabric with a thick scarf, woolen tights and a long sweater; along 
with my car heater and some tea, I was toasty! I need more sweater-y tights, suggestions??

I found out soon after I got it that the tail on my purse in rainy weather ends up looking like a 
drowned cat arm. Oh well. It blow-dries nicely ;) Still, I'm loving the downsized purse. Great for
little trips, and I can throw it into a big carryall with all my stuff for work and only carry one thing.

sweater - target dress; romper - kohl's sale; scarf - crossroads; belt - thrifted; shoes - payless; purse - h&m

That's me daydreaming about cookies. Cookies for peace? Late last night I realized I had all the 
supplies, so I made Butterscotch Chip Oatmeal Raisin Spiced cookies. They were delicious!
Let me know if you want the recipe ;)


  1. So cute- I'm not a fan of rompers, but your outfit is really classy and adorable!

  2. I love how you turned the romper into something with class. I'd wear that to work!!

  3. That's a really cute outfit :D And yes, I want the recipe!

  4. You are adorable and I love your sketch! Cute outfit girlfriend :)

    xoxo Maria


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