Tis the season, or at least it was. Dreary week suddenly blossomed into a sunny Halloween day... But before that, on rainy Friday night I went to a "Scary Movie" party at a girlfriend's house. We voted and chose Blood Feast and The Exorcism of Emily Rose, jumping and laughing while nomming down pizza & candy. Introducing a "new" sweater and an attempt to incorporate more colors into my wardrobe. In this combination I felt like pumpkin iie and rain-soaked trees, and super comfy. The fire in the fireplace helped ;)

crochet turban: self-made; sweater: thrifted; pin: thrifted; jeans: wet seal; yellow wedges: target


  1. I like the idea of a crochet turban! I'll have to give that a go, maybe next winter.. or maybe in summerweight cotton if I can find some at an op shop, seeing as we're heading into the warmer weather over here...

  2. My my! You have tattoo :):) The flats seem very fun!


  3. Are you thinking of putting some crocheted turbans in your shop?

  4. I watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose in theatre when it first came out... I can't remember whether it was scary. All I recall is the theater being very smelly hahahahaha. wow, memory association can ruin perfectly good movies..!

  5. Damn I love scary movie parties!

  6. love how chunky the knit is - you made it I assume?


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