Shampoo Switcheroo

I've recently decided to switch over to cruelty-free, paraben/sulfate/phthalate/dye-free beauty products. It has become important to me lately to invest thought and care into what I slather onto my skin (and into my bloodstream) and how this affects my health over a lifetime.

Since I can't replace my entire arsenal in one fell swoop, I just started with body & haircare: I threw out the last of my scented, drying body wash, body lotion, toners and acne cleanser. I put away my drugstore shampoos and polish remover and replaced them with:
  • Queene Helene Naturals Cocoa Butter Body Wash ($7), a low-sudsing cleanser that I'm using on both my hair and body. It has a lovely sweet-cocoa scent and doesn't dry out your skin. This probably wouldn't work out as well for those with fine, oily hair, but for my parched locks this seems to be an ideal new solution!
  • J.R. Watkins Lemon Cream Body Lotion ($7) is a fast-absorbing, silky lotion with an amazingly pleasant scent provided by lemon peel oil, not artificial fragrance. I also love the old-timey labeling.
  • Burt's Bees Radiance Facial Cleanser ($12) has proved to be a gentle cleanser, though I'm not sure I'd buy it again. I might try an all-natural oatmeal bar soap next.
  • Sakura Green Tea Fragrance Essence ($14) is my new favorite scent, which I'm starting to apply to my clothes instead of onto my skin. It blends the freshness of sweet green tea ice cream with japanese cherry blossom. 
  • Suncoat Natural Nailpolish Remover ($8) *I haven't tried this one yet, so the jury's still out.

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