Fashion Therapy - Silver Lining

Wore this one lazy Saturday to see my best friend perform at the Civic Center. I was amazed by her skill (I hadn't seen her conduct before, let alone conduct and sing simultaneously) & moved by the music, many pieces of which were performed & written by the young people in the program, all under age twenty-five. I am awed by people who create music. I need to go more chamber music concerts!

blazer - Choice, ($18); top - DIY fringed tank, ($12); jeans - Wet Seal, ($20); 
wedges - Crossroads Trading Co., ($15); accouterments - Crossroads Trading Co., ($20)

I also can't get over the bracelet I found; it has wooden Scrabble/Boggle-y looking letters with gold caps. Fabu-nerdiness. The rest of that afternoon involved a late lunch of pomegranate margarita + the best fish sandwich I've had since a childhood vacation to Mexico.

Oh yeah, and let's not forget my ombre obsession:

L to R: Cherry Berry, Greenwich Village, Bubblegum Pink, Brilliant Blush


  1. That blazer and that ring are fantastical! I also love your multi-colored nail polish!

  2. That's pretty much the perfect outfit for a chamber music concert. <3 The bracelet adds your own spin for sure!!!

  3. I am completely musically challenged. I think it makes me appreciate it more in others. AND yay for scrabble themed jewelry.


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