Fashion Therapy - Wintry Summer Days

Sorry ya'll, but let's just say I'm a little disgruntled about the camera/lighting/photo sitch lately, so I'm heavily editing them.
Oh no, a dreaded butt wrinkle! Whoops...

Ucky grey cloud cover has descended; Santa Cruz weather returns to "the usual." It rained last night and feels like we're back in January! Brrr. Confused as to how to dress, I kind of ended up in a dark, wintry outfit that I felt was still summer appropriate because of the pink flowers....

blazer - bcbgirls, via ross | scarf - second-hand | skirt - self made | tights - h&m | shoes - payless

Yesterday I was browsing UO and Bunny's Shoes on my lunch break when I realized what I was doing: thinking about cheating during the Wardrobe Refashion challenge! Only seven days in and I am craving something new. I realized I want to shop more when I'm tired or get irritated at work. Good thing the weekend is here, I've got projects lined up: I'm thinking about changing a dress I never wear into a cute top and making a cut-out dress or romper out of some new fabric I found on the sale table.
I also found this awesome necklace idea on p.s. i made this and picked up some supplies to try it.


  1. I love how you keep the spring/summer feel in this cold weather outfit with the pink touches and the flowers!

  2. i know!!!! the weather is so frustrating! some days i just pretend it's warm and brave the chilly weather. other days i bundle up.

    anyway, i love your tights! i think i need a pair like that!


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