Fashion Therapy - Under Cover

Brrr. It's been a bit of a cold spell. Next we have "rolling heatwaves" predicted. Yay?

I don't know why I love black w/floral prints so much. I wore this combo last Wednesday and in May.

sweatshirt-knit blazer - macy's sale | top - wet seal | jeans - wet seal | shoes - target

I have less than a month to make a dress for my friend's wedding, eep! I'm thinking pale pink & navy,
to match my date's suit (no it's not a pink suit; but maybe a pink tie?)

Today's Yays: ♥ peach cobbler ♥ wonky scheduling means I have two days off! ♥ I haven't broken
the wardrobe refashion challenge so far! ♥ V.V. Brown's "Shark in the Water"
What made you yay today?


  1. oh! Im so jealous..i have been wanting a sweater blazer for so long. It looks so good on you. I feel like I can never pull of blazers..I need to just try it! You look always.

  2. I love black on floral as well. Can't wait to see what you will cook up for your friend's wedding.

    peach cobbler - nomnomnnom...


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