Fashion Therapy - Tromp L'oeil

The sun has come back out, and to celebrate I wore this outfit two days in a row (with black tights for night & bowling). It was almost too hot for the sweater and blazer the second day.
I saw a guy wearing a tuxedo t-shirt and almost asked for a picture with him, haha.

It must be my lucky outfit, 'cuz I have a date for drinks tonight! I can't wear this again though...

knit blazer - macy's | top - forever 21 | cut-off shorts - old express jeans | shoes - payless

and because I have a love of color names, the nail polishes I used are Lilac Pastelle, Pink of Hearts, Minted & Taxi Yellow.
I chose the easter-eggish colors because I wanted to feel some springtime in the fog, and I guess it helped, because the weather cleared up!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. hahaha you're totally cute for wearing those colours on your nails. :] Love love love the springiness!

    Yup, that's an outfit that I wouldn't mind wearing over and over again. You completely should've grabbed the guy for a picture!!!

  2. i love your outfit!! and your shirt is amazing!!

  3. Great outfit, I would sweat to death if I tried to wear any kind of second layer here. But I love it!

  4. What a fun outfit! I hope your date went well (I'm sure you looked lovely regardless). Hooray for the sun! Now if I only got the heat/humidity to go away just a little, I could wear something like that here. Maybe next week will be cool enough. ;)

  5. Cute shorts.. I want to know how the date went!


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