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One of the good things about having a personal style blog is getting used to what you look like outside of a mirror. Yes, I'm standing still posing, but after yesterday's post, I realized some neat things: my hair has grown in the past two months! Leaving no space between mirror image shots looks sooo much better, thank you to Mariel for showing me this! I need to go back to that eucalyptus tree stand for photos again!

On another note, wearing the psychedelic print dress yesterday made me think of the tie-dye trend resurfacing and how I just cannot get into it. Like I mentioned, I live in a town that could be termed a hippie resting home, though there's also a lot of "new-agers," college hippies and wanna-be Rastas. I've seen tie-dye t-shirts on everyone and their mom since I was born, so it's not a novel trend to me, it's an multicolor part of every day.

top - rue21, sale | shorts - wesc, thrifted | boots - journey's, sale

Soo I decided to skip tie-dye and do urban-cowgirl-doll? I don't know what I was thinking, really. I kind of freak out when I try to style these shorts. I want to add a little cuff to each leg to make them more like "bloomers."

listening to:
"wagon wheel" by old crow medicine show, on repeat


* KelleeGrace - I'm so stoked you used my tutorial! Do you have a photo of the gingham skirt you made?
* Loogie2 - thanks for the lighting tip!


  1. urban cowboy is a very good description for this outfit! I love the fitted plaid shirt with the cute cowboy boots!

  2. This otufit is what rock + sophistication looks like. Amazing!! The boots really are lovely with the shorts.

  3. love your shoes! (and i can't wait to see old crow medicine show ~ they're coming to a local music fest... i've got that song on repeat, like, always!)



  4. the note at the end of your post reminded me, I used your awesome full skirt tutorial. I've actually made a couple of skirts with it. Its super easy to follow and the finished product looks like it took more work than it did. Thanks for posting your DIY! Super user friendly :)


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