Fashion Therapy - Psychadelichic

I found this vintage dress a few months ago and have only worn it once before. I love the psychadelic colors and print. Can you believe the label says it's a size 12? I have to mention that I live in a town full of aging hippies, and I was really catching the eye of old men today; maybe I reminded them of their long-lost love at Woodstock? Or of some wonderful acid trip they had as a youth? Let me just say, men over forty don't generally tell me "that's a great dress." I guess I need to find some trippy fabric and start making loose dresses! While trying to figure out "against the sun" photos (any tips? Do I have to use the flash?) I realized that the dress is see-through in the light! Good thing I was inside most of the day, I think one of my co-workers would have warned me if it was that bad...

When I was taking it off for post-work shower time, I ripped open the front seam, whoops! I can fix it! I bought these canvas wedges three years ago and I can't believe how much I wear them now. They sat in my closet for many, many, many moons, but have been revived. Now I need to figure out how to clean them!

dress - thrifted  |  shoes - target 

The Weekend's Yays
♥ a nice relaxing day at the beach, watching seals cavort in the ocean and cute dogs being walked ♥ a delicious dinner of cesear salad, sourdough bread & spinach dip, pasta w/artichoke basil sauce, & cheesecake for dessert  ♥ sleeping ten hours last night ♥ "tipsy" arnold palmers: sweet tea vodka + lemonade ♥ a sale on etsy! :) ♥ learning how to make crocheted bows - yarn spree ahoy!

What made you yay today?


  1. This dress is beyond incredible!!! I love it :)

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  2. Against the sun shots need to be overexposed so you won't be a silhouette. Blocking the sun by standing in front of it or having it just out of frame really helps. The background will be pretty washed out though.

  3. My yays today:

    A great night's sleep, seeing my boyfriend today!, going to Pennsylvania in four days, your full skirt tutorial I might try tomorrow!, and a wonderful family :]

    Love and Turtledoves,

  4. OMG the shoessssssssss, the shoes are heavenly and so stylish :)

    Hoo I've missed you and your so ladylike and effortless outfits:)

    you are great:) and I really love your blog so so much:)

  5. I love this dress!! You look fantastic. ♥♥

  6. that dress is lovely!! you are working the print very well with those shoes!! awesome! :D

    Animated Confessions

  7. That dress is so bright! And no I cannot believe it says it's a size 12. It looks great on you!


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