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The last day of Me-Made-May! Phew, it's been both a long and interesting month. I am glad I did it, it really got me thinking about what I like and don't like, and I'm more amped on sewing. Sometimes I was hard pressed to compose an outfit that I liked that included something I made; I'm looking forward to some solely store-bought outfits in June! Check back soon for the last May outfit pic: what I wore to see MGMT.

The weather has grown beautiful again, just in time to debut the latest dress I made. To go animal-print overboard, I wore complimentary shoes & bracelet. I Googled  pictures of leopards and cheetahs, but I couldn't really discern a difference between their patterns, so I guess I'll just assume I'm wearing both. Gotta rep all the cat breeds in one outfit.

I wore this to work where I have to reach overhead quite a bit, so I have on cut-offs under the dress for safety reasons.  Anyone who's a fan of Arrested Development will understand why I was giggling to myself all day about being a Never Nude...

t-shirt dress - self made** | shoes - target | jewelry - crossroads

**There's more of this fabric left! If you'd like to custom order this dress in your size, please contact me or place an alchemy order at my etsy store! The price is $36 plus s&h, and can be any length you desire.

Today's Yays 
♥ I bought a giant oreo cake basically because my dog's name is Oreo. It was/is delicious
♥ closing early on Memorial Day
♥ fresh cucumber & mango salad, mmm
♥ finishing Slaughterhouse-Five & starting Pharmakon. I also have a list of books to buy!
♥ finding two scarves & a replacement belt for the one I broke, all for $10

What made you yay today?



  1. Is that one of the Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity patterns by any chance? If so, I just bought the same one!
    It's still a lovely dress either way :)

  2. Oh wow... I SO love this dress! Any chance you can make another one??

  3. this dress is so pretty! Im pretty sure it's leopard, the cheetah print is more like separated dots

  4. Never nudes - "There are dozens of us! Literally dozens!"

  5. That outfit is really awesome. That dress looks fabulous on you and really highlights your fantastic legs. I love why you got an oreo cake =)
    Today, I got a dress with a cut out back. That made me Yay =)

  6. Wow, love it! And I love my some MGMT, the singer is such a cutie :)

    Oreo cake sounds interesting, I'll have to try it some time!

    xoxo Maria


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