Fashion Therapy - Tiptoeing in Toile

Only one more workday and then my weekend. I am so looking forward to sleeping in!

It's only the fourth day of Me-Made May, and I'm chafing a bit under the pressure. I have some non-handmade outfits I really want to wear. But I'm committed to trying this, so I pulled out another dress I rarely don because I ran out of fabric and it's a bit short. I love toile print so much, I am still excited to have found it printed on jersey fabric.

cardigan - thrifted | dress - self made | shorts - ? | belt - thrifted | shoes - steve madden

What with my love of blogging and ten-hour workdays, four days a week I feel like there's not enough time to get everything I want to do done! When I get home, I have about two hours before I need to get to bed, but I usually get a burst of energy and want to edit photos, sew, watch a movie, cook, clean and/or read instead! Having a super-slow computer and internet connection does not help these things along. Then on my days off, I feel so sluggish that I don't do much of anything, except the movie watching part and catching up on blogs and Chictopia. Bleh. I need to figure out better ways of managing my time.

Today's Yays ♥ "two bite"cupcakes ♥ new blog followers & comments — I really love every one! ♥ being nice and warm all day ♥ my boss buying us all Costco pizza for lunch

What made you yay today?


  1. Pretty dress! Too bad it's a tad short, but I guess that's when a dress turns into a tunic:)

  2. Slow internet connection - tell me all about it! I have been waiting an HOUR for the photos on your page to load... aggh!! It's like a third world country when it comes to internet in Australia...
    At least I'm getting some translating done while I wait though, I haven't just been sitting and staring at your page all this time .. now that would be creepy...!

  3. ooh i like the shorts option under the too short dress. i had the exact same thing happen tome with this fabulous purple print.. maybe i should pull it out again!
    you look great, as always! thanks for the inspo!

  4. Cute outfit. I love the red tights with the cream shoes!

  5. I actually really like the way you wore this dress!! I think the shorts give the outfit a pop, and of course the tights marry it all together. Way to stick to me-made may!


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