Fashion Therapy - Going Green

It's day two of the Me-Made May challenge! I had on green tights that matched the skirt, but on my lunch break I walked around downtown in the gorgeous sunshine and had to take them off. On a less positive note, last night a rally deteriorated into a riot, with fifteen stores getting their windows smashed out. Luckily, the mob didn't make it far enough down the street to get to my work! It is such a disappointment; how does that help the cause of immigrants and laborers? Way to ruin May Day.

cardigan - tresics | judas priest tee | skirt - self made | belt - self made | shoes - classified

The skirt was originally a dress I made months ago but didn't really like. I chopped off the top and like it so much better now! The belt is simply a long piece of elastic, studded and sewn to a clasp. Today was more fun putting together an outfit, since yesterday I went hiking and couldn't really fathom wearing a handmade skirt... It was so beautiful though, I'll post pictures of the trip soon.

Yays ♥ I've been enjoying some lovely blue sky, big puffy clouds, soft breezes, and sitting in the grass watching my dog chase butterflies and pounce on things and sneeze. Days like that really make life worth living. ♥ chicken katsu & mac salad from Aloha Grill ♥ catching up on my favorite blogs - 24 hours can really pile up! ♥ The Simpsons doing a strange, entertaining intro by lip-synching & partying  to Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" — it was so weird! Did anyone see it? ♥ finding some adorable shoes & a cool necklace while thrifting


  1. CUTE. I love that tee with your skirt :) So sweet.

    Also, I love your writing. It flows so well and is so easy to read.

    I like your Yay list :)

    definitely weird. but i enjoyed it a lot :)

  2. I love your green skirt and am glad your work was safe from the mob!

  3. i want to learn how to sew one day. :) the cardigan is my favorite!

  4. Love the colour of the skirt, brings the whole outfit together. Your tee is awesome too! I like the Yay list :)

  5. Ooh, love the cardigan and how you altered the skirt! Great color!

  6. Thanks for visiting! Maybe you can use MeMadeMay as a chance to make the dress you liked!

  7. me-made May sounds like a great idea! can't wait to see all your wonderful creations. The only DIY thing I have in my closet is a shredded tee!!

    I like the tee you layered with underneath.


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