Fashion Therapy - Fringe Elements

More rain = more color! I felt like punching it up a bit today. Someone asked me if this was my family's plaid (no it isn't, but I kind of wish I could go to Scotland) and if my legs were warm (why, because they look bright red??) It was pretty chilly today, which is why my photos are so weird; I was mostly running around trying to keep warm, and I wanted to show off the fun swingin' fringe that I added to this plain tank top.

tank - diy fringe  |  cardigan - h&m  |  skirt - self made  |  tights - we love colors  |  shoes - payless

Now I made this skirt last year, out of material I bought at least two years ago, when I was in college. So imagine the shock of recognition I felt watching Project Runway's finale a few weeks ago — Seth Aaron's collection featured the exact same plaid yellow fabric! That's pretty nifty, I think!

Yays ♥ I have a new sponsor, the sweet & talented Mariel of Lumikha Studio! ♥ um, have I mentioned doughnut holes this week yet? ♥ Orange Pop scented Revlon nail polish; I haven't had time for a pedicure yet but I'm super excited to try it! ♥ Me-Made May is getting easier, and it's almost half over already! Is it just me, or does blogging make the time go by faster?

In response to comment:
*Eleonore - thank you for your compliments on the Rose Red dress! Unfortunately, I bought that fabric as a scrap some time ago and do not have any more, or else I would make you one!


  1. hmm, I gave up on tartan years ago as it never seemed to suit me, but the volume of this cute little number may sway me...
    love the tights, I wore shocking pink ones with gold wedge sandals the other night and got so many compliments!
    By the way, if you're in for a spot of problem solving...

  2. ack! that skirt is so adorable! :) and i love that you paired it with those tights...hearts are in order!

  3. WOW! That is pretty dang awesome hahaha! Love the colors in this outfit :)

    xoxo Maria

  4. Love the outfit. Could we please get a close-up of the fringe on the shirt? I'd love to see what it looks like up close!

  5. Meghan I don't mind:) so glad that I've inspired you:)

    Great look ...check this out

    maybe you would want to post a pic?

    I think you should really do it, cause it's such a wonderful outfit.

  6. Holy crap!!! Exact same plaid!
    WOW....! :] You totally have an eye for fashion!

  7. Ha, that's a pretty snappy coincidence! Such a lovely colour too.

    (I'll have to find out what my family tartan is come to think of it)

  8. That's awesome !!!

    I love the plaid and you styled it phenomenally.

    We have rain, too. But I'm a tad less optimistic about it ...

    Wishing you a lovely Tuesday- and a thank you as always for your kindness :)

  9. I LOVE those hot pink tights!!! They look awesome with the yellow plaid!

    Blogging soooo makes time go faster!

    Have fun with the pedicure! I love them!

  10. OOOhh thank you for answering, I feel proud having my name on your blog ! It is the shape of your dress that I love so if you could make one for me in any other fabric (and my size, hum)I'd buy it right away ?!


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