Fashion Therapy - ...A Few of My Favorite Things

Dandelions are one of my favorite flowers, even though I think technically it's a weed. Queens of the Stone Age is one of my favorite flowers. I didn't consciously put together these two favorite things, I only realized it later!

Standing in the alley by a giant door thing was the only place I could find that was relatively shielded during my lunch break. There were all kinds of teenagers around, the ones who'd ditched the nearby high school to hang out and scream at each other and then make out, and they totally love alleys.

tee - qotsa show | skirt - self made | belt - thrifted | tights - uo | shoes - classified 

I've recently passed 100 followers, and I want to do a little giveaway to express my excitement and pleasure! While I don't have big sponsors or much money to put together cool packages, I want to give a some fun stuff back. As little as it is, this blog give me so much, I want to share some pretty little things with others, so check back soon ♥


  1. I really love this outfit. I like how you put together ts with skirts and belt it, and it always works perfectly. Plus, you get to wear that to work?? Lucky, lucky.

  2. super cool outfit, love the tee. i like it when you realise something about an outfit. well done on getting 100 followers!

  3. the tights + shoes + lovely flowers...wonderful.

    xo Alison

  4. This outfit is great. You look amaaaazig

  5. This outfit is really cute and I enjoy dandelions too..and I don't care if they are weeds!!

  6. hehe your hair is so perfect with this outfit. Adorable!!


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