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I've been enjoying the look of scarves worn as long, draped bowties on gals around chictopia. When I tried it myself, I realized you really need a particular length and width to achieve the look. None of my silky scarves where long enough, so I used this strange, lacy/shredded black one that reminds me of evil spiderwebs.

Basic tee, cardi, and jeans rounded out my first foray into neckwear. I couldn't resist my bright red velvet Vans, but I'd forgot that for some reason these shoes are much more uncomfortable to stand in all day than even the cheapest ballet flats. Ouch!

I drove a different route to work today, inspired by an interview I read. I just discovered the blog, and her awesome archive of "Design Your Life" interviews with other bloggers, including my fave, Tieka of Selective Potential! I have been reading one every morning to get some positive ideas for the day. Going right instead of left today took me by this stand of trees on the corner that I have always admired and wanted to take pictures of, so I stopped and did it! It was weird having cars driving by, but worth it.

cardigan - new york & co.  |  tee - american apparel, via crossroads  |  scarf - pretty mama
jeans - wet seal  |  shoes - vans, via crossroads  |  trouser socks - target

Sometimes shopping for tea is just as exciting as shopping for clothes! I ended up getting Decaf Green  Tea with Peach Infusion.
What's your favorite kind of tea?

Things I Loved Today ♥ the strawberry-rhubarb candle my grandma sent me from Germany—it makes my room smell like a sun-warmed field of strawberries! ♥ sticking to a strength-training schedule: one week today, woo hoo! I feel stronger already ;]  ♥ 47 hours of retail in the past 5 days, phew I'm glad it's all over for three days! ♥ that num nummy Fuze Strawberry Guava drink with vitamins and calcium (jeez I'm obsessed with berries right now) ♥ finishing a diy studded wrap belt that I can't wait to wear!


  1. wow! great pics as usual! the 2nd one and 3rd one are my favorite.

    my favorite tea is republic of tea's earl greyer. i find it best with soy milk and honey.

  2. I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it! Adding you to my blogroll.

  3. You remind me of Baby from Dirty Dancing! I hope you take that as a comlipment, I love that movie :)

  4. I love this, you look great and really feminine.
    I love it

    Ohhh and I love your tattoos so much , I have one too


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