Fashion Therapy - Sun Showers

Though the rains are continuing, I couldn't resist wearing my new spring dress from last week again. It's funny how just five days ago I was going around with bare legs and eating ice cream in it, and now, well, nothing of the sort. Today called for some definite layering: thick tights, scarf, a hat, and the cardigan is actually a sweater-dress. I also wore fingerless gloves for most of the day, but not for the pictures, since I was lucky enough to get a few strange minutes of sunshine, blue sky and puffy clouds after work. This is the first time I set up my tripod in the alley near work downtown; I was excited that no one walked by.

hat - uo | scarf - ross | cardigan - target | dress - new deal | slip-on oxfords - steve madden | belt - unknown

I set myself a challenge for Monday: compliment every single person you see, even if it's just internally. Boy, that was so much harder to do than I even imagined! I was constantly distracted and found it super hard to focus enough to find something good. Many times I just thought something mediocre like "well, they look healthy" or "at least they're not yelling." I forgot my mission so many times! Then again, technically I saw probably eighty people today, from a few seconds to a few minutes, so I can't beat myself up too much. Tomorrow I'm going to try again, to train myself to see the good in people, instead of all the not-so-good that sticks out to me so often.

Things That Made Me Yay Today ♥ the sun came out suddenly and disconcertingly, after several hours of downpour ♥ I found some adorable printed jersey on sale on the remnant table ♥ I made enough yummy chicken, couscous and salad to last me through the rest of my work week ♥ my favorite chai from The Bagelry, with tons of honey & a splash of soy milk ♥ my boss got the staff tickets to see MGMT at the end of the month - what an awesome tip party, I can't wait!


  1. What an inspiring post! You are so genuine, lady. Love that about you! I like this challenge. I often make myself challenges very similiar to this one. So glad someone else does it too. Can I just say you are cute as a button? I love these photos of you. Your smile is too cute and this dress is so adorable I can see why you wanted to wear it twice in a short period! I love those articles..the ones you just want to wear every single day. Also..thats so cool about your MGMT tickets from your boss. What a champion...that is so so awesome. Im super jealous - excited to hear all about it at the end of the month! Alright, this is a longer post than I thought (hehe) Have a lovely sleep beautiful. x

  2. This is some pretty amazing layering and it's official - you look adorable in hats! I am jealous of your work party!

  3. aww, that gray scarf! and also, love how everything is neutral except for the dress...really highlights it well. also, you're so cute! :)

  4. I love your monday challenge, I'll have to try that one myself. I dig the outfit and love your hair, and I feel ya on the weather, it's been crazy!

    xoxo Maria

  5. cozy outfit for a rainy day!!

    I love that you're trying to compliment everyone you see. The world needs to focus on beauty rather than flaws.


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