Fashion Therapy - Singin' In The Rain

Okay, I'm not really that happy that it's raining. I couldn't decide what to wear on such a dreary day, so I threw on a hat and pumps to spruce it up. Holding a bubble umbrella seems to make me pretty giddy, too.

Someone passing through my work noticed the studs on my gloves and asked me if I did it myself, then launched into a little tale about being in eighth grade and putting studs on everything and how cool it was. He was pretty funny.

hat - uo, gift  |  sweater - black harts, thrifted from crossroads  |  gloves - diy
jeans - element, thrifted from crossroads  |  shoes - steve madden

4 Things That Made Me Yay ♥ someone who works at a nearby bar/restaurant surprised me at work with fresh house-made doughnut holes yumm ♥ visiting a friend I haven't seen in ages, checking out her wedding dress and seeing plans for the bridesmaids (of which I'm one) ♥ homemade pickles - the best thing ever! ♥ puppy love (I really am talking doggies, I haven't met anyone)


  1. Puppy love is the best, and I tell you- not everyone knows it, but you cannot beat puppy breath. Best thing in the world. I am not talking dogs, I have three and that is not the same. Love your fun outfit, shoes and hat = gorgeous.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Spring Shabby Apple Dress giveaway

  2. Aw, those gloves are so clever. You look so good for a rainy day. I love these jeans and that sweater. You always look so pretty :)

  3. The hat is so cute!

    Awwwww seeing wedding dresses and such make me smile too. :]

  4. that shirt is awesome, also great photo concept, too cute. your shoes and gloves are my favorite. :)

  5. I love that sweater, the detailing is so cool and the whole outfit is perfect!
    <3 Dana

  6. You are adorable. That sweater...MY GOODNESS...LOVE it. The whole outfit is just perfect.

  7. The braiding on that sweater is awesome and I've been looking for the perfect nude pumps forever - those may be them!

  8. this look I love, the hat is so cute :)


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