Empire Records

Let us return for a moment to a cinematic adventure circa 1995. Or, a fashion trend re-emerging rightnow. Either way you label it, grunge/90's fashion has returned to the streets and to the runways. Empire Records is a classic reminder of what people were wearing whilst listening to Pearl Jam and growing out their hair. I really love this movie. I pretty much wanted to be Liv Tyler's character Corey and totes had a crush on the cutie with the floppy hair and baggy Kurt Cobain cardigan ;]

  (Note: replace her Doc Martin's with heels and the angst with ditz, and you get Cher in Clueless)

 Check out Renee Zellweger's heeled clogs. Reminds me of Chanel Spring 2010:

 Key points: plaid anything, oversize tops, combat boots, exposed midriffs, messy hair

Elle even did an Empire-inspired spread last year...

What's your favorite 90's movie? Singles? Clueless? Mallrats? Reality Bites? The Craft? Spice World?


  1. I love this movie!!!! Also def Clueless and The Craft.

  2. movies of the 90s are the best! love empire records, clueless, the craft, reality bites...such great picks! :)

  3. I think Reality Bites is my all time fave but Empire Records would be a close second!


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